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Friday, August 29, 2008

Some members of the planning committee.

Yes, that is a 1954 Corvette in the background. Mike Bachman had some of his collection on display at the reunion.

Don't we all look great? Everybody had an enjoyable time. Thanks to the committee for making this event such a great success.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lost People

We are still looking for many people who we were unable to contact. If you know where they are, we would still like to keep our mailing list current. Forward any information to the following people:
Vicki Cox - (801) 479-3944
Linda Panunzio - (801) 392-8880
Mike Bachman - (801) 627-5953 or (801) 612-9398

People we need to get contact information on:

Terri Adair
Bruce Allred
Arlene Asuit
Millie R. Baca
Penny L. Barker
Diane Beckstead
Randy Berrett
Arlene Bilagody
Susan Blaser
Charles W. Blaser
Shirley A. Bosler
Peggy Braegger
H. Blake Brown
Dian M. Burton
Shirley Byington
Connie R. (Carlson) Wainwright
Sandra Carter
Doug Chilson
Colleen Coons
Christine Conger
Jeff Cooper
Yvette I. Cottrell
Bonnie J. Coyle
Vicki A. Coyle
Mildred Czekala
Susan D'Orsai
Jeannie (Davis) Richards
Raymond Day
Linda DeBoer
Johnny Dias
Vicki Dubendorf
Pat Eckles
Connie Fairchild
Jerry Fisher
Barbara Fowers
Marsha Frodsham
Constance J. Fronda
Patricia Y. Gailey
Anna Garcia
Gavino Garcia
Rita Garcia
Alan D. Gibson
John C. Gilman
Jan (Goodsell) Smith
Nikki Gray
Melvyn Hall
Dennis S. Hallowell
Jalene Hamblin
James K. Hammond
Kara Lyn (Hansen) Walker
Pat Hansen
Julie E Hayes
Tony Henderson
Patricia A. Hess
Kathleen Hogan
Jacki Holmes
Paul Hougard
Christa Hudson
Roger Hymas
Carolyn James
Arnold Jensen
E. Stephen Jones
Candia (Inama) Facer
Rosemary (Junk) Robinson
Jerry Jensen
Colleen Koons
Sherel Kendall
Merl Jay Keyes
Kevin Kinzie
Linda Kraft
Adele D. Krishnek
Kay Langbehn
Kent B. Layne
Nancy J. Larson
Karin Linford
Madine B. Long
John A. Lopez
G. Michael Lutz
Kay Nelson
John S. Moore
Dennis Morgan
Diane Nielsen
Jan Martinez
Laurel McGuire
Silas Martinez
Judy McQuary
William Marchant
Carolotta (Marinez) Ambros
David Martinez
Jerry (Maxfield) Hansen
Lorraine Miera
Bonnie L. Miller
Kerry Miller
Kristeen (Miller) Stephenson
Nancy Mnchey
Frederick Nicholls
Paul E. Nielson
Kathy Orrell
Paula (Parkinson) Berrett
Pancho Perez
Stephen P. Peterson
Cheryl (Price) Thompson
Grace Quintana
Loretta Quintana
Beatrice Randall
James Read
John G. Reardon
Vicki Reeves
Wayne A. Ross
Mark D. Rowley
Michael Ryan
Kathy L. Sandman
Randall G. Seamons
Barry LaMar Sevy
Sandra Shafto
Kay (Shelton) Knowlton
Tom Welch
Glenda (Wendgreen) McGibbons
Brenda (Winward) Tucker
Patricia (Wayment) Hensley
Craig Weese
Nore (Werre) Bills
Boyd Williams
Cheryl (Wempe) Coe
John Willis
Angelina Zisumbo